How To Start An Online Business From Home.


So you want to learn how to start an online business from home. Well congratulations, you have taken the first step. Your searching the internet and looking at some of the different opportunities available, but what your about to find out, if you haven’t already, is there are thousands upon thousands of businesses to chose from. You haven’t even started your online business yet and you are already presented with the decision that will make or break you. Which one do you choose?

How To Start An Online Business From Home

How To Start An Online Business From Home. What You Will Find Out.


As you surf the internet in your quest to learn how to start an online business from home you will soon start to notice a few things.

The first thing you will notice is every business you look at is “the best opportunity available” and “so easy anybody can do it”. Well at least according to the video you watch or the article you read. The truth is, most of the opportunities available suck. Sound harsh, but it’s the truth. They never give the average person the proper training, resources or tools to survive in their business.

The second thing and most costly, is they never tell you exactly what the business is or how to make money with it. They spend the entire video or article pumping you up and getting you excited. Unfortunately for many, it works. People join new opportunities everyday, and have no idea what it is before they take out their credit card and join. Then when all the excitement wears off and they actually take a good look at their great new business, they realize it’s not what they thought or hoped for.

How To Start An Online Business From Home

Learning How To Start An Online Business From Home- Asking The Right Questions

Learning how to start an online business from home can be very difficult if you don’t ask the right questions from the beginning. Here is a list of things you should know before you join any opportunity.


  1. What exactly does the company want you to promote/sell?
  2. How do you get paid, and how much?
  3. Do they train you, and is it ongoing training?
  4. Do they give you the proper resources and tools to start from day one or do you have to do all the set up yourself?
  5. Is your sponsor really available to help and support you

Don’t Be Affraid To Learn How To Start An Online Business From Home.


Learning how to start an online business from home doesn’t have to be a scary thing. Just make sure you know what you are getting into BEFORE you join. Ask yourself the above questions and make sure you like the answers. If not, move on to the next opportunity. There are plenty of them. That’s what I did be fore I decided to join Empower Network. Is it for you? Here are 5 reasons to join the Empower Network.  See for yourself.


What Is David Woods Empower Network?


David Woods Empower Network is a newDavid Woods Empower Network network marketing company that was started on October 31 2011. The main purpose of this business is to provide the easiest possible way for anybody to start marketing online. Whether you are full time, part time, a seasoned pro or even a newbie to network marketing. His dream is to provide an opportunity for anybody to be successful.

How Does David Woods Empower Network Make It Easy?

They take all theDavid Woods Empower Network Blogging System techie start up out of the equation. You will receive a fully functioning word press blog site, hosting, domain, lead capture pages, and a highly converting sales funnel. Everything you need to get started right away. Now keep in mind, most marketers fail because they don’t have the knowledge or money to set all this up. Now you don’t have too. You get it all for just $25 a month!

David Woods Empower Network Doesn’t Stop There!

Not only will you receive all the above mentioned, you will get a “fast start training series” in your own personal back office. This way you can learn at your own pace. In this video training series you will learn exactly what you need to do to get started today. This is a step by step training series that will keep you from thinking “what do I do now” and allows you to get rolling in your new business.

David Woods Empower Network Does The Selling For You

Your main focus with David Woods Empower Network is to drive traffic to your blog site. It’s really that easy. That’s because your blog site has a highly converting sales funnel built right in that does the selling for you! Very effective email swipes are written for you. In order to follow up with your list of prospects all you have to do is copy and paste.

But wait, their’s more!

David Woods Empower Network Webinar Training

They host training webinars and weekly phone calls that you can invite your prospects to.  David Wood will do all the selling and you keep all the money! It really doesn’t get any easier than that.

David Woods Empower Network On Going Support

The Face book group for David Woods Empower Network has the best support I have ever seen. This community consists of some of  the best network marketers in the industry and they are there to help. They will give you advice, recommend tools, and even give you daily activities you should be doing to keep you business running on the right track. The support and camaraderie is amazing and unlike anything you will ever see in this industry.

David Woods Empower Network Comp. Plan

David Woods Empower Network utilizes a pass up compensation plan. What is that you ask?

Well, your 2nd, 4th, 6th, and every 5th sale after that goes to your sponsor. Now before you say “that sucks” let me explain the benefits.

David Woods Empower Network Comp plan

First off, you will get the same in return from everyone you sponsor. Their 2nd, 4th, 6th, and every 5th after that come to you. You will also receive the same from all the pass ups as well. This will help grow your business quickly without having to do all the work.

Secondly, your sponsor will help you. As you can see from the comp plan above your sponsor’s pay is directly effected by your results. They will not just grab your money and walk away because they know your financial success only helps their  financial success.

And finally, you will receive 100% commissions David Woods Empower Network 100% Commissionson all your qualified sales. No tiny 25,45,55, or even 65% commissions here. If you make a qualified sale, you make 100% of the commission!


Now that you know what David Woods Empower Network is, see how it has changed average peoples lives. Watch this.

Why Identifying The Need Is A Crucial Closing Strategy.


Of the numerous marketing techniques you’ll need to have in your own toolbox, demonstrating to individuals exactly why they ought to be a part of your business is considered the most critical closing strategy. There isn’t a specific method to get this done, because every person is different and they often want different things-wealth, status, family life, well being, time, flexibility, and so on.



A  strategy most people attempt is hard-selling, and this we closing strategycan safely say is resented by just about all of us. Hard selling will incorporate pushing the product on the potential customer, utilizing the sheer energy within your presentation to bypass any concerns or objections they may have. Basically ignoring everything they may want or need. This is why some people pretend not be at home in the event the salesman comes a-knockin’ on the front door.


Nobody enjoys getting sold!! A prospect may even buy your product or service to get you out of their hair, but you will lose a lot of goodwill and in all probability the chance to re-sell too. It’s a lot more destructive with regard to building a network too because your organization won’t feature a solid foundation to stand on. You will end up with a avalanche of fall-outs as soon as you turn away from the new recruits.


Why Use Identifying The Need As A Closing Strategy


There’s an alternative closing strategy that not only stands a better chance for closing the potential customer but also encourages goodwill plus a sense of synergy: offering what you are promoting as the best solution for your client’s need.


This is actually the opposite of hard-selling. You do less speaking and much more listening. You have to have some patience, a handful of good questions, plus a sympathetic ear. Your main goal is to find your prospect’s specific needs well before positioning your company as the answer.


Envision sitting with a potential client for the first time. Would you go straight in to a presentation? Hardly! You’ll want to get to know them initially. You try and chit chat for a bit to develop rapport. This is an excellent chance to ask a couple probing questions.


Probing is actually a subtle art. You will need to come from genuine interest, without ever sounding nosy. The key is to get the other man or woman talking about themselves. This is usually easy to accomplish, given that we are our very own favorite subject matter.


How Do You Identify The Need In This Closing Strategy?


Your primary objective would be to steer the conversation to subject areas which are significant to them. Encourage them to explain, clarify, tell stories. Doing this will gradually cause them to discuss what exactly is missing in their life.


Here are some subjects that can lead to a lot more meaningful conversation:



• How is the better half doing?

• How are your little ones?

• How are your mother and father?



• You ought to be doing very well within your job right now, right?

• Does your supervisor treat you properly?

• Do you currently have time by yourself or your family?

• Are you completely happy with where you really are?



• So what is in the future for you?

• Are you looking to buy a brand new home/car/business?

• So are you currently wondering about retirement? How’s it going at this point?


You can also push the topic to health, children’s schooling, or even any present or future expenses. Learn just where the actual issues lie. It’s possible they’re concerned with financing their home. It could be that they’re unhappy due to their paycheck or even their own job status. It’s possible they’re overwhelmed with helping their own father and mother or an unemployed sister. It’s possible they are facing an unclear financial future.


Take your time to seriously listen, to sympathise with the prospective client. Let them talk. Fight the temptations to step in with advice. It is important that you realize what they really want and that you’re truly listening to what they’ve got to share. Only once they’ve completely finished talking do you say thanks to them for sharing and then lead into your demonstration:


“I realize you have these types of issues and I’d like to find out if I could actually help. Actually, I know a way in which can benefit you financially/career-wise/health-wise, and you can do it during your own free time as well as at your very own speed. Want to hear it?”


After they tell you ok, go on to the presentation, making certain to express how it can definitely help out with their situations. Come with the mindset of wanting to help. Show them an additional means of leveraged earnings will certainly fix a majority of their troubles, and that you will be able to coach them on the way to do it.


 Why Is Identifying The Need A Powerful Closing Strategy?

closing strategies

By utilizing this as a closing strategy , you will have the basis for a good business relationship. The consumer won’t feel like you sold them some thing; they will feel as if you really helped them make a wise decision. It will certainly be much easier to close the deal.  Believe it or not, you won’t have to persuade them-they’ll convince them selves! That is why this is a powerful closing strategy.


I just joined The Empower Network because they fulfilled my requirements and needs. Here are 5 reasons why you should join. See if they can fulfill your needs!

 Network Marketing Success-

The 4 Core Foundations


There are various key elements to succeeding in Network Marketing, and regardless of the company you are with, the product you are selling or the layout of your compensation plan, these 4 Core elements will determine whether you sink or swim in this industry, and if you’ll ever obtain the key to true success.


It’s not unusual to hear stories about numerous people who have made several attempts at joining various companies but never made one sale or earned a penny from their companies. These same individuals tend to end up bitter and calloused about the industry, while spreading the “it doesn’t work” gospel, all because they didn’t implement these 4 Core Elements.


If you’ve been wandering why so many people struggle in this industry, while others breeze through like Michael Jordan on the court, the answer lies within these 4 Core Principles.


Network Marketing may appear to be complex and mysterious, but it’s really a basic set of principles that must be implemented BEFORE you will see any success. Top Earners have had their hands on these principles for years, and now you will too!


Network Marketing Foundation #1

Know what you want to accomplish!


Upon your first day in the business, it’s common practice to have your sponsor coach you on the “What is your why” speech. Whether you dismissed this pivotal step as just another clichéd canned speech, or you strongly considered “why” you’re in this industry, I want you to take the time out to really think about what you want to accomplish and why?


The challenge with entrepreneurship is that everything sounds great in the beginning. With countless ideas floating through your mind and the internal fireworks popping in your head around all the possibilities of success and potential financial growth that awaits you, it’s so easy to get excited “at first”.


However, once the excitement fades and reality kicks in, it’s just as easy to grow discouraged, fatigued and burned out because your vision isn’t manifesting fast enough.


Having a vision and knowing what you want to accomplish is so important for this very reason. In those moments when you do face opposition (which you will), and you run into challenges, you want to have clarity as to why you’re doing what you’re doing to begin with. That way, no matter what you face, you have the motivation to press beyond the challenges and get closer to your goals.

 network marketing goals

Goals create purpose, purpose creates energy, energy creates focus and focus gives you the motivation and drive to do what it takes to succeed!


Network Marketing Foundation #2

Determine what you are willing to give up to reach your goals!


This is HUGE!!! Far too many people underestimate their responsibility of “giving up a few things” in order to succeed. The bottom line is that success isn’t comfortable and neither does it happen by mistake. It’s a very intentional act that requires some level of compromise in the process.


For example, you may have your favorite shows that you like to watch or a hobby that you like to pursue in your spare time. However, when you commit to building your business, those shows may be missed and your hobby may be placed on hold temporarily in place of you attending networking events and hosting business opportunity meetings.


If you establish what areas you’re willing to compromise on the front end in order to achieve your goals on the back end, this step alone will reveal if you have what it takes to be a leader in this industry!


Network Marketing Foundation #3

Surround yourself with like minds!

Simply put, Your Network = Your Net Worth…


In this industry, you have the pleasure of being in the company of Millionaires, positive thinkers and Dream Builders. Network Marketing is one profession that consistently promotes the message that you MUST maximize your life and commit to personal development every day.


The key to bringing this message to life for yourself is to do whatever it takes to get around those who are where you want to be. You will no longer desire to be around your mediocre friends who live their lives based on “what happens, happens!”.


Instead, you’ll want to live an intentional life by surrounding yourself with sharp people who challenge you to grow and stretch beyond your comfort zone.


If you take heed to this wise council, you’ll find yourself soaring with Eagles rather than quacking with ducks!


Network Marketing Foundation #4

Have A Plan & Work It!


A strategic plan of action is extremely important in the process of building your Network Marketing Business. Retailing and Recruiting are obviously the ways to generate income in this industry, but if you want to really leverage your business and the efforts of others, you must know the following things:

 network marketing check list

A. How much you want to earn, and what it take to earn it?

B. What systems are in place for the sales process of building your business?

C. What are the Income Producing Activities, and what should you be doing daily to get closer and closer to your goals?


Once you’ve mapped out the numbers, the system and the activities, your destined to exceed every goal you have “IF” you focus on taking action!


These 4 elements are extremely critical to the success of your business and if you focus on these core elements up front, you’ll find yourself sailing to the top amidst the other 3%’ers and living the life that you both envisioned and planned!

p.s.- Most Network Marketing company’s make it impossible for new marketers to succeed because they don’t provide the proper tools and training to get started today! Well I have good news! I found a company that provides everything you need to start marketing and earning 100% commissions immediately. Find out who this Network Marketing company is HERE!

Empower Network- Why You Should Become A Member.


How would you like to learn from a master internet marketer?empower network 100% commissions Any idea what it feels like to get affiliate earnings? Exactly how do you think it feels to make 100% commissions? Exactly how do you think it really feels to actually receive 100% commissions instantly… NOW! If it turns out you’ve found yourself nodding your head and also grinning with these thoughts, then the Empower Network is the  perfect place for you!


This Empower Network is the creation of David Wood and David Sharpe.


empower network | David wood | david sharpe

David Wood Is definitely an internet marketing expert. You can watch him in training videos, which he actually does out of his residence in the mountains of Costa Rica. He’s The very best recruiter in his network marketing company, and is also a top representative in a well-established marketing system for the world wide web.

David Sharpe has made his name very well-known on the internet too. He’s labored his way to creating an outstanding internet marketing business while overcoming his addictions. Now he is known as one of the best copywriters in the business.

Certainly, the leadership in this affiliate opportunity is the very best. No individual can rival David Wood as an internet marketer or David Sharpe as a master copywriter. Now when you combine their talents we are unstoppable.


If you’re looking to learn affiliate marketing quickly, the Empower Network is the perfect vehicle.


Within the back-office, you receive video ‘Fast Start’ training. With this training you are presented with step by step details about what you should do to get going. Each training video contains specific tasks you have to complete. They’re extensive enough to be thorough, and brief enough not to drain you mentally. There’s also a short quiz to take following each individual module to make sure you understood the training.


You can earn money quickly using the Empower Network due to the target market.


Anyone that has a blog page or wants to own a blog is actually a lead! Do you realize that there is well over 17 million websites documented? The lead pool for the Empower Network is more like an ocean! The Empower Network provides a sales funnel that converts like mad! What’s better yet is that you own the qualified prospects you create! You are able to direct these leads in to the auto-responder sequence of your own choosing!


The Empower Network gives you the opportunity to make money as you learn!


Because of the 100% commissions you get using the Empower Network, you can easily discover the best way to generate leads and market successfully at the same time earning commissions on the way. This’ll help help keep you operating in the black, while some other marketers drop deeper in to the red marketing blindly on the internet. Using the training series inside of the back-office, you can be taught anytime you like. They also provides weekly calls that assist with trainings as well as questions regarding the network. At this time there are supportive groups showing up everywhere. There is incredible support here!

empower network support


I can identify millions of reasons for you to become a member of the Empower Network, however the fact is that no one can make this decision for you. You would be the single person that may talk you into or out of the Empower Network. Once you decide the Empower Network is the best solution to your own online marketing prayers, you’ll be able to go here to join.


Need more information before you decide? Here is an article with more reasons why you should join the Empower Network.



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